RPG Pitches

We’re now open for pitches for RPGs for SOXS 2017, which takes place on 28th October. Please use the format:

GM: Your name
Game title: A title for your game
System: The System the game uses (eg D&D 5e)
Genre: The type of game (eg Fantasy, Sci Fi, Horror etc.)
Time slot: Morning or afternoon or both?
Number of players: How many people you can accommodate (eg 4-6, lowest number should be the number of people required for your game to run, highest should be your hard limit so that we know when a game is full)
Game description: A rough idea of the setting and plot of your game.
GM’s Note: Any short comments the GM wishes to add

Our contact details can be found on the Contact Us page or email us.

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Thank you!

Thanks to all of you who came to SOXS today. It was a really successful day and I hope everyone had fun. We had 6 tables of RPGs running in the morning and 5 in the afternoon, plus lots of board games being played, Intrepid, and ongoing Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes sessions. It was a great turn out and I’ll post on here once I’ve worked out how much we’ve made for charity.

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RPGs and Games for Young Players

The details of our RPGs for Young Players are now up on the Games page. We have a morning game of No Thank You, Evil for children aged 4 and over, starting at 11am, followed by a Dungeons and Dragons game for young players of 9 and over, starting at 2pm.

We will also have a selection of fun board games for younger players, including Geistes Blitz, Battle Sheep, and Heroica. Plus a large bucket of Lego will be available for avid builders.

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Simon Burley RPGs

I’m pleased to announce that Simon Burley will be joining us again for this year’s SOXS. Simon will be using his newly developed “Manifold” rules system for Renegades of Darkspace, a sci fi action adventure of survival against the odds. And if you prefer a different sci fi setting then, he’ll also be running The Great Martian Tripod Race using his Steampunk “Codes of Steam and Steel” rules.

Simon is best known as Britain’s foremost Superhero Roleplaying game author. He is the creator of Golden Heroes (Best New Roleplaying Game – Gamesday 1984), Squadron UK, and The Comics Code. He also spends many of his weekends touring the games conventions of Britain. You can find his RPGs on RPG Now.

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Raffle Prizes

We’ve had some very generous donations of raffle prizes from our friends at local gaming businesses. Cubicle 7 have sent us some PDF download codes for three of their publications. We’ve also got vouchers from Thirsty Meeples and some great stuff from local gaming publisher, Osprey. Finally, we have a copy of GMless RPG adventure game Intrepid, given to us by the author. Pictures to follow.

Huge thanks to all our local business supporters for your donations. We really appreciate your help.

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Games List Updated

With SOXS getting closer, we’ve been firming up our programme. We’ve now updated the Games List with some of the games that will be running on the day, including our D&D adventures.

Please note that sign up is on the day and on a first come first served basis. For popular games you may wish to make sure you arrive when doors open to ensure you get the game you want.

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SOXS 2016

SOXS Gaming Day 2016 will be on 5th November at our usual venue of Radley Village Hall.

We’re now accepting game pitches and other offers of activities for the day. Get in touch if you want to run a game.

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Thanks to all our attendees!

Thanks to everyone who came along to SOXS today. You all helped us to make it a really fantastic and fun day of gaming for everyone.

We’ve got so many fantastic prizes for the SOXS raffle that we’re going to give people a bit longer to buy tickets and do the draw in a couple of weeks at the club on a Wednesday night. We’ll be in touch shortly with those who have won our lovely prizes.

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Refreshments, sponsored by Sainsburys

Big thanks to Sainsburys for providing some provender for SOXS – this year we’ll have pizza, noodles and other savouries in addition to hot and cold drinks, sweets and cakes on offer.

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Raffle Prizes

Only one week to go!

We’ve had some great prize donations for our charity raffle, which is raising funds to provide physiotherapy for a disabled child at Footsteps. Osprey Books have donated two copies of Frostgrave and Secret Santa.

Gameskeeper (our friendly local gaming store) have given us a great selection of gaming items:

Buzz It! Rat-a-Tat Cat (card game)
Backpacker (card game)
Batman Fluxx (card game)
World Tank Museum – M4A3
Sherman Tank Miniature World Tank Museum – Mk. VIB King Tiger Tank Miniature Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords Storm Giant Miniature
Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game – IG-2000 Expansion Pack

Cubicle 7 have sent a copy of the Primeval RPG rulebook, and PDF download codes for three of their titles: The One Ring, The Lone Wolf and Dr Who. Plus items from Indyhippo and Simon Burley.

Many thanks to all of you for your generosity.

Osprey games 2015

Frostgrave Wargaming books and Secret Santa card games


Miniatures, Buzz It!, Batman Fluxx, Backpackers and Rat-a-Tat Cat from Gameskeeper

Primeval RPG by Cubicle 7

Primeval RPG by Cubicle 7

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